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Golf & Racquet Fitness

Get Stronger And Become A Better Player

Gain a competitive edge for yourself with the Golf and Racquet Fitness Program at Vitality Personal Training. This conditioning program is similar to the one used and recommended by PGA Tour fitness trainers and used by the tour's best golfers.

In a short period of time, it will benefit you by:

  • strengthening and conditioning the specific muscles involved in the golf/racquet swing
  • reducing chances of injury and lessening fatigue
  • increasing your club/racquet head speed
  • providing you greater power to hit farther and straighter

This program combines the best elements of one-on-one personal training, with an emphasis on strengthening and enhancing flexibility in the swing muscles. Your performance is virtually guaranteed to improve!

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"And I thought I was in good enough 'golf shape'. Boy, was I wrong! After a few of months with your Golf Fitness Program, I could hit longer and straighter than ever before. Now over the longer term, I've been able to avoid the early season break-in soreness and stay strong and injury-free throughout the golf season."

- Joe, Current Golf Fitness Client